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 artistic director - royds f. imbert


Born in Havana, Royds Fuentes-Imbert completed a degree in Theatre at the University of Arts of Cuba (ISA) specializing in Dramaturgy and Directing before going on to teach theatre history and dramaturgy. A poet, playwright and director, he has published several French-language plays. He has been living in Montreal since 1997 where he pursues research in anthropology and theatre. He joined the faculty of the École supérieure de théâtre de l’UQAM in 2017, where he teaches, among other courses, a dramaturgy workshop focused on playwriting (Atelier de dramaturgie : Écriture dramatique) and a course on dramaturgy and theatrical poetry (Dramaturgie et poétiques théâtrales). He has since combined academic activities (teaching and research).


Interdisciplinary artist with international marketing and communications experience, who possesses an innate capacity to stage any product. Royds enjoys success as a photographer, playwright and theatre director.


He claims to have found a 'magical playground' in marketing, since it is a place where the laws of commerce and artistic vision fuse together.

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