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“Sublime albums that are objects of beauty in themselves… made of beautiful black & white pictures that suggest mystery.” 

Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier, France Music, 

AUTUMN OF THE SOUL - Lorenzo Micheli 

“Micheli does play all the music very well and with considerable feeling… This is a CD for lovers of mostly non-avant-garde guitar music and for lovers of fine, restrained guitar playing. “ 2015 

DEMAIN DES L’AUBE - Thibaut Garcia

“In his debut recording [Thibaut Garcia] presents a program of such awesome difficulty that it would terrify any but the greatest of virtuosos, both for its technical and interpretive demands. He brings it off with ease. This is a remarkable performance from any artist of any age. That it is a debut recording from a 20-year-old is all the more astonishing.”

Kenneth Keaton. American Record Guide, 2015

VADEMECUM - Francisco Bernier 

“Francisco Bernier vuelve a sorprender por su eclecticismo, siempre al servicio de la música española; el guitarrista español ha captado con rigor la profundidad de esta música descarnada, carente de artifi cios, y en la versión completa que ha preparado con el sello Contrastes se aprecia la madurez musical. Su dominio técnico del instrumento, indispensable a la vez que imperceptible, convierte a la música en la única protagonista, ganándose los elogios del compositor en la presentación del disco” 

Esther Martín. Ritmo, June 2015 

INTIMATE VIHUELA - John Griffiths 

“Un fantástico registro con el que Contrastes Records –reciente discográfica, con sede en London, pero relación estrecha con Sevilla– El disco cuenta con una límpida y fabulosa toma de sonido y una presentación muy interesante, sencilla, casi minimalista, concebida para la ocasión por Morpheus Communications Inc. “ 

"John Griffiths… un fantástico intérprete. — Doce Notas Feb 2015

Tan delicada y sutil como el propio instrumento. [As subtle and delicate as the instrument itself] "— Scherzo April 2015 

"This recording is the first of Griffiths' performance I have heard, and I am amazed. He has the assurance to be both masterful and delicate at the same time." — Lute Society of America Quarterly April 2015

" Elegant, subtle, expressive… In nine years of reviewing for ARG I have only had a few solo vihuela discs come to me, and this is as fine as any of them." — American Record Review Sept/Oct 2015.

LOOK AT THE BIG BIRDS - Carmen Álvarez & Francisco Bernier 

“What a delight! I’ve never encountered anything quite like this, and I welcome it. 

Francisco Bernier…and with his partner Carman Alvarez performs with sparkle and joy…“ 

Kenneth Keaton. American Record Guide, 2015

"Although Haydn's transparent classical style has always appeared well-suited to guitar transcription/arrangement, examples have never been com-mon. Itself a setting of the Divertimento in C (Hob. I1/11), this modestly proportioned keyboard sonata proves the idea to be a good one. Adopting the key of D major, Bogdanovic offers a practical working arrangement with detailed but not excessive left-hand fingerings and several clues as to the realisation of the ornaments. Anyone requiring further guidance will find loads of piano footage on YouTube, the first I clicked on confirming that the trills starting at bar 22 of the opening Allegro needn't be executed as anything more fiddly than upper mordents. As is almost always the case, the technical bar is raised considerably in transit, the scale flourishes in the final Air and Variations ensuring that an intermediate keyboard work becomes the exclusive province of the fully-fledged gultarist. An inspired idea that's well worth exploring."

Paul Fowles (Classical Guitar Magazine)

DIVINA MANCHA - Antón Baranov

“…these are not pre-wrapped candies from the grocery, but truffles hand made by an expert chocolatier.

Enjoy. It’s the good stuff.”

Kenneth Keaton American Record Guide, September 2015

UNREAL CITY - Kostas Tosidis

“An enterprising release that breaks much fertile ground”

Paul Fowles. Classical Guitar Magazine, December 2014


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