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exhibitions graphic designer david rezco

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Born and resident in Ciudad Real, he studied at the “Pedro Almodóvar” School of Art
and Design in his native town, specializing in Graphic Design and Artistic Screen
Printing. He also studied Fine Arts at the University of Seville. Finalist for the Joshep
Albert Mestre Design Awards on two occasions, he has participated in the development
of different creative projects in various areas of design such as textiles, packaging and
branding for various clients, especially for the world of wine. His work as a cartoonist,
in the portrait specialty dates back to his adolescence, making numerous works for
individuals since then. He has worked for the music company Contrastes Records where
he has published part of his work as an illustrator. His activity has also been linked to
the world of theater where he has done set design work with the playwright author
Royds Fuentes-Imbert. He is currently working on different editorial projects, some of
them focused on the field of childrens and youth literature.

Electrifying Stories (1).jpg
Vals sin nombre (3).jpg
Vals sin nombre (2).jpg
Vals sin nombre (1).jpg
Paradise borders (2).jpg
Paradise borders (4).jpg
Paradise borders (3).jpg
Paradise borders (1).jpg
Another Troy for her (3).jpg
Another Troy for her (1).jpg
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Exils (3).jpg
Exils (1).jpg
Electrifying Stories (2).jpg
Another Troy for her (2).jpg
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