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Dans les jardins des Hespérides


The guitar music of Maurice Ohana (1913-1992) betrays the complex interweaving of a man, his music and his world, in its most quintessential form. The nakedness of the guitar leaves no place to hide the impulses that fired his spirit and that fed his hunger for an idealised and eternal Andalusia that could be his abiding refuge. Considering himself Spanish by birth and French by adoption, Ohana was actually born in Casablanca in 1913 of a father from Gibraltar—of Sephardic descent and British citizenship—and a Spanish mother. His worldview, however, developed through an imagined notion of an Andalusia that stretched beyond his own personal world and far further afield than the more widely understood contemporary borders. A child of his time, his formative years were spent in France where he studied to be both an architect and a pianist, finally opting for the latter. During World War II he served in the British army but returned to France after the war where he developed his career in composition.

Thomas Walsh, ten string guitar

Dans les jardins des Hespérides



Si le jour paraît...

1 I. Temple

2 II. Enueg

3 III. Maya-Marsya

4 IV. 20 Avril (Planh)

5 V. La chevelure de Bérénice

6 VI. Jeu des quatre vents

7 VII. Aube

Cadran lunaire

8 I. Saturnal

9 II. Jondo

10 III. Sylva

11 IV. Candil

12 Tiento

Total time: 56,50

RELEASE DATE: 04/10/2023

Item#: CR202309

Artist: Thomas Walsh
Label: Contrastes Record
Genre: Classical



Producers: Thomas Walsh and John Taylor

Publisher: Francisco Bernier - Contrastes records

Graphic designer: David Rezco

Photograph cover art: Dominique Souse

Composer: Maurice Ohana

Performer: Thomas Walsh

Sound engineer: John Taylor

Guitar model: 2015, 10 string guitar

Luthier: Dieter Müller

Special thanks: Thomas Köthe, Luis Martin-Diego, Stephan Schmidt, Dominique Souse, Chris and Tammy Walsh

Recorded: St Andrew’s Church, Toddington, Gloucestershire, in April and August 2022 and August 2023.


shipping and handling incl.
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