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Sevilla Guitar Duo (Francisco Bernier & Antonio Duro)

Homenaje a la Giralda


1. Homenaje a la Giralda_ Antón García Abril (10.06)

Total time: 10,06


Homenaje a la Giralda


"Homenaje a la Giralda", dedicated to the Spanish guitarist Francisco Bernier, is the only work he has composed for two guitars and was premiered in Tokyo at the Hakuju Festival in 2015 with Shinichi Fukuda, Kiyoshi Shomura and Francisco Bernier. Shinichi Fukuda and Francisco Bernier performed this fantastic work in several concerts in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. Years later, and with the Sevilla Guitar Duo, formed by Spanish guitarists Antonio Duro and Francisco Bernier, this work has been performed again in different European countries such as Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Estonia and Spain. The Sevilla Guitar Duo recorded the "Homenaje a la Giralda" for the Contrastes records label ( which we now present and which we want to dedicate to the memory of the great Spanish Maestro Antón García Abril who had so much connection with the guitar in his compositions. Anton Garcia Abril's music for guitar is characterized by its lyricism, sensitivity and emotional depth. His works usually combine elements of traditional Spanish music with influences from contemporary music, creating a unique and personal style. In the work "Homenaje a la Giralda", Antón García Abril creates a great harmonic density, taking advantage of the two guitars to the maximum of their possibilities, always with a beautiful and very inspired melodic line joining it with a rhythmic complexity that seems to want to represent in his music the classic structure of the Almohad where were the exterior decoration is based on biforous or mullioned openings, either with semicircular or multi-lobed horseshoe arches, surrounded by alfiz and housed by another large pointed lobed arch (tumid arch). A great work that we hope you will like it.

Francisco Bernier 

RELEASE DATE: 27/04/2024

Item#: CR202402

Barcode: 019962133558
Artists: Sevilla Guitar Duo (Francisco Bernier & Antonio Duro)
Label: Contrastes Record
Genre: Classical


Producers: Francisco Bernier (Contrastes Records)

Publisher: Contrastes records

Graphic designer: David Rezco

Composer: Antón García Abril

Performers: Sevilla Guitar Duo (Francisco Bernier & Antonio Duro)

Sound engineer: Francisco Bernier

Special thanks: Maestro Antón García Abril

Recorded on 4th.5th. October 2023-Contrastes records' studio in Burguillos (Sevilla) Spain-

Distribution: Universal Music Group, Naxos of America Inc. (US)


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