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Writing music today is a difficult choice. Choosing the musical language that most belongs to us. Knowing if it is better to rely on past traditions or break all styles that recall harmonic and rhythmic concepts used for centuries.

I, in my music, consideri t necessary to continue the speech of the composers who preceded us. I think it is important not to forget that the voice, il canto, is the first musical instrument that nature has given us, so it is not my will to eliminate this primordial form of expression. The traditional harmony is based on scales of seven sounds moving in the ‘900 on scales of twelve sounds.

Shaula wants to be an album that does not break the link with the past, but wants to continue a musical discourse that summarizes all the main features of the music. Singing, with simple melodies that are easy to listen to. Rhythm, with periods and formulas linked to recognizable patterns. The shape, with constructions linked to the traditional tripartite solution. Instinct and improvisation, with the birth of rhythmic and melodic elements linked to pure instinct. The idea comes from a simple playing your instrument, being carried away by an emotional component that is then developed giving itself formal and harmonic rules.

Every scale used in Shaula is six sounds. Hexaphonal scales that give rise to harmonic modules sometimes tonal, sometimes modal and sometimes rich in dissonances. The whole principle is elaborated in function of the musical emotional moment.

Pre to.. .. to End are two parentheses that want to open the album and close it. An introduction and an epilogue of improvised modules that summarize the harmonic aspects of all the songs.

Andrea Nosari

Andrea Nosari



1. Pre to… (01:56)

Liberamente improvvisativo

An initial parenthesis to open the album as an introduction. Suspended, from indefinite tonality as a preamble to all the tracks.

2. Palpiti (06:19)

Dal gioco all’imbrunire

I.Gioco (Scherzoso ma timido)

II. Ombre (Largo e cupo)

III.Palpiti (Rapido con ansia)

3. Harfe (04:51)


Andante lento ma scorrevole

4. Kimìco (04:41)

Adagio cantabile-Aggressivo impetuoso-Adagio cantabile

5. Circle (05:21)

Ritmico scorrevole-Largo-Ritmico scorrevole

6. Shaula (06:27)

Ostinato scorrevole-Ostinato tranquillo-Ostinato scorrevole

7. Sensazioni (09:35)

Breve suite di episodi emotivi



III.Meditativo 2




VII.Meditativo 4

8. Tre danze scomposte (06:01)

Valse, tango e taranta senza soluzione di continuità




9. …to end (02:40)

Liberamente improvvisativo

The closing parenthesis. An epilogue in Shaula with a light and light harmonic suspension

Total time: 48,21

RELEASE DATE: 20/12/2023

Item#: CR202309

Barcode: 019962134555
Artist: Andrea Nosari
Label: Contrastes Record
Genre: Classical



Producers: Francisco Bernier (Contrastes Records)

Publisher: Contrastes records

Graphic designer: David Rezco

Photograph cover art: Erhan Dayi

Composer: Andrea Nosari

Performer: Andrea Nosari

Sound engineer: Marco Taio

Editing and Mastering: Marco Taio-Andrea Nosari

Guitar model: Shaula 2020 anniversary

Luthier: Luciano Maggi Poppi (AR) Italy

Special thanks: Maestro Alberto Colla

Recorded on 4th.5th. October 2023-Studio Giardino Crema (CR) Italy

Distribution: Universal Music Group, Naxos of America Inc. (US)


shipping and handling incl.
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