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Every new discovery connected with the book Silva de sirenas (Valladolid, 1547), composed and compiled by Fernando Enríquez de Valderrábano, appears to tighten the links between the vihuelist, his patron Francisco de Zúñiga y Avellaneda, IV Count of Miranda, and his palace in Peñaranda del Duero on the Castilian plains. As knowledge deepens, the role of his patron appears increasingly influential, this Spanish grandee whose reputation as an arbiter of musical taste had gained him a reputation among prestigious musicians throughout Spain, despite the remoteness of his residence. He was highly praised, for example, by Bermudo en his Declaración de instrumentos musicales in 1555.
The earliest information concerning Enríquez de Valderrábano dates from 1542 and it is quite possible that his life extended long after the death of his patron who is thought to have died in 1560 or early 1561. Francisco de Zúñiga, was born early in the century, becoming count in 1536 on the death of his homonymous father, and maintaining his residence in the family palace where he had grown up, located remotely in a small town 120 km to the east of Valladolid.

Valderrábano was in the count’s service from at least 1544, and even though one of the count’s household criados, it is not impossible that there may have been some familial connection given that surname of the count’s mother was also Enríquez. In fact, he was present at the death of
María Enríquez in 1544 and was able to certify it as a witness.


John Griffiths



Silva de sirenas, Enríquez de Valderrábano

John Griffiths, vihuela

1. Fantasia sobre un benedictus (va090)

2. Soneto (va151)

3. Fantasia que va remedando al motete de queramus cum pastoribus (va115)*

4. Fantasia sobre un benedictus de la misa de Mouton tua est potentia del fi nal (va103)*

5. Soneto. Viva la Margarita (va163)

6. Fantasia sobre un pleni (va107)

7. Fantasia del primer tono (va110)*

8. Et resurrexit (va130)*

9. Fantasia del primero tono (va105)*

10. Per illud ave de Josquin (va135)*

11. Fantasia (va089)

12. Fuga a tres (va001)*

13. Diferencias sobre el tenor de Conde Claros (va167)*

14. Soneto (va153)

15. Agnus Dei sobre el canto llano mi fa re sol fa mi (va003)

16. Agnus Dei a tres de Morales (va123)

17. Fantasia contrahecha a otra extranjera (va096)

18. Soneto (va152) [Francesco da Milano]

19. Fantasia 12 del quinto tono (va099)*

20. Benedictus que diferencia el canto llano de muchas maneras (va004)

21. Fantasia 4 sobre la entrada de un baxa (va091)

22. Fantasia 5 del tercer tono (va092)

Total: 61:29


Item#: CR202301

Artist: John Griffiths
Label: Contrastes Record
Genre: Classical

Producer: Francisco Bernier (Contrastes Records 2022)

Cover artwork: Ulysses and the Sirens (1891), John William Waterhouse, courtesy of the

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Cover design: David Pérez Peco

Photograph: Joaquín Griffi ths Moreno

Recorded at Empire Music Studios, Melbourne, 19-23 April 2022

Sound engineer, production, editing: Thomas Grubb, Mano Music


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