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Slovenian born, Vienna-based composer/guitarist Timotej Kosovinc composes regularly for various musical instruments and ensembles and is specialized in concert music. His work frequently combines classical and modern classical composition techniques with musical material drawn from popular music, with the express aim of speaking a musical language accessible to all music lovers. Concurrently, his compositions explore the depths of the human soul and intellect, and are therefore of interest to specialists as well.

This album opens with a short, lyrical Cavatina. Typical to this type of composition, a single melodic line provides the entire substance of the work, first rising to prominence and then shining in numerous forms. Initially a warm, dreamy atmosphere prevails, allowing the theme to present itself, full of solitary beauty. The contemplative middle section draws on the same motivic material, and after ruminating expressively in complex harmonic language, the main melody appears once again, but even more tenderly.


01. Cavatina (03:44)

02. Morning on the Street (04:24)

03. For Leo (04:09)

Rock’n’Roll Sonata

04. I. Party Opening (05:04)

05. II. Late Night Song (06:44)

06. III. The Last Dance (03:50)

07. Apology (03:29)

08. The Good Moment (03:49)

09. The Letter (01:58)

10. Autumn Prelude (01:20)

Rock Sonata

11. I. Epos (07:02)

12. II. Ballad (05:45)

13. III. Fínale, Epilogue (05:40)

14. Evening Song (02:28)

15. Níght Train (04:59)

Total Time: 64:32


Item#: CR202202

Barcode: 8435383688460
Artist: Timotej Kosovinc (guitar).
Label: Contrastes Records
Genre: Classical

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