• Sonata for guitar Op. 47 Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983) I. Esordio (3:18), II. Scherzo (2:38), III. Canto (3:59), IV. Finale (1:57)

• Sonata for guitar Tal Hurwitz (1981) I. Risoluto (3:19), II. Andante simplice (4:42), III. Toccata-allegro furioso (3:13)

• Sonata for Cello solo (arrang. Kostas Tosidis) György Sándor Ligeti (1923-2006) I Dialogo (4:03), II. Capriccio (3:49)

• Sonata per violino Op.20 (arrang. Eliot Fisk) Cristóbal Halffter (1930) I. Allegro (2:08), II. Molto Adagio (2:08), III. Presto possibile, quasi isterico (0:45), IV. Finale (2:48)

• Sonata No.2 “Hommage à Bartók” Atanas Ourkouzounov (1970) I.Allegro  (3:09), II.Scherzo (2:36), III.Interlude (2:13), IV. Toccata (2:20).

Total time: 49:10





Kostas Tosidis, guitar

Greek guitarist Kostas Tosidis has released this intense collection of sonatas  under the title “Unreal City” released by Contrastes Records.
This album is filled with fantastic repertoire. All the works are Sonatas with the Ginastera, Hurwitz, Ourkouzounov being written for guitar and the rest being arrangements by Tosidis and Fisk. With the exception of the Ginastera these are recording premieres of the works on guitar.
The big quote:  This is a great recording filled with fantastic works and premiere arrangements. With fearless virtuosity and top quality repertoire, Kostas Tosidis has recorded one of the most daring and exciting albums of the year.” – Bradford Werner,


RELEASE DATE: 05/05/2014

Item#: CR12201402
Barcode: 748252712912
Artist: Kostas Tosidis
Label: Contrastes Records
Genre: Classical


• 2014 18-19.10 & 22-23.10  Tango Opera by A.Piazzolla “Maria De Buenos Aires” Cooperation with Philarmonie Salzburg Grosses Aula University Salzburg, Austria

• April 2015 Tour in Argentina (dates to be confirm)


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