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Vera Danilina

first prize 2022 "Michele Pittaluga" Guitar Competition, Alessandria


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

1. Preludio de la Partita No. 3, BWV 1006 (3,59)

Antonio José Martínez Palacios (1902-1936)

Sonata para Guitarra

2. Allegro Moderato (7,12)

3. Minueto (2,41)

4. Pavana triste (5,16)

5. Final (4,54)

Nikita Koshkin (1956)

6. Libera and Liber (5,521)

Nikita Koshkin (1956)

Sonata II

7. Allegro Moderato (7,31)

8. Adagio (6,18)

9. Allegro (5,03)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Sonata 11 (K311)

10. Menuetto (4,57)

11. Allegretto Alla turca (3,08)

Mathias Duplessy (1972)


12. Presto (5,05)

Total time: 62,19


first prize 2022 "Michele Pittaluga" Guitar Competition, Alessandria


Beyond dexterity, beyond virtuosity

With this debut recording, Vera Danilina impresses her seal on the world of the guitar with a decisive certainty that is thoroughly remarkable. It is not just that her fingers move with extraordinary precision and that her technique is faultless, but she also leaves no doubt that she is thoroughly commanding in every aspect of what she does. The repertoire she has chosen to record moves across the history of guitar music from the mid-eighteenth century until almost yesterday, woven together by dazzling virtuosity combined with the poise of a mature interpreter.

John Griffiths

RELEASE DATE: 04/10/2023

Item#: CR202306

Barcode: 8435383694522
Artist: Vera Danilina
Label: Contrastes Record
Genre: Classical



Producers: Francisco Bernier (Contrastes Records)

Recording dates: 25-27 February 2023

Recording engineer: Francisco Bernier

Publisher: Contrastes records

Graphic designer David Rezco

Liner notes: John Griffiths

Translations: John Griffiths

Photographs: Dmitry Shtyrov

Distribution: Universal Music Group, Naxos of America Inc. (US)


shipping and handling incl.
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