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John Dowland (1563 - 1626)


Semper Dowland Semper dolens

Fantasie nº7


Toru Takemitsu (1930 - 1996)


All in twilight


In the woods




Florian Larousse, guitar


Two men, musicians but not guitarists, born nearly four centuries apart on opposite sides of our planet, are brought together here on this CD and through the guitar into the elusive factory of angels. They inhabit worlds of mystery, worlds of darkness. They long for eternal peace, they compose music aimed and achieving equilibrium and balancing the opposing forces that tug at the soul. They offer their listeners an intriguing web of melodies and sounds that capture the inner sensibilities of the heart to bring them into harmonic communion with a mystical universe that is beyond space and beyond time. Their aims are the same, but their language is different. The older man expresses himself in modal harmonies channelled through the vehicle of rhetoric while the younger man juggles the languages of occident and orient to flow through a timeless sonic landscape. As if there were no difference between them at all, both are unified in the precision with which they place sounds into silence to create an intimate music that contemplates the depths of existence.

Item#: CR 201701
Barcode: 019962131059
Artist: Florian Larousse

Label: Contrastes Records
Genre: Classical




Fantasía 7, John Dowland - Florian Larousse
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Farewell, John Dowland - Florian Larousse
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