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Joan Manén (1883-1971) 1. Fantasía-Sonata (18:45) • Simone Iannarelli (1970) 2. Lullaby for Sarah (04:03) • Dusan Bogdanovic (1955) Sonata nº 4 3. Appassionato, ritmico, rubato, meno (05:04) 4. Lento, rubato (03:14) 5. Allegretto, meno, rubato, Allegretto (03:03) 6. Allegro rítmico, poco sostenuto (02:43) • Gerard Drodz (1955) 7. Adagio (08:17) • Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996) 8. Muir Woods (05:38) • Gyan Riley (1977) 9. Uspavanka for Tea (05:44)


Total Time: 56:43





Zoran Dukić, guitar


In the beginning… three simple words that evince profound solemnity, a phrase that echoes ancestral resonances, a beginning that promises revelation… three words that threaten to explain the secrets of a civilisation or the very mystery of existence itself. In its simplicity, the title of this collection by Zoran Dukić speaks to the nature and the spirit of the music he has chosen to record, and to the ambitions of the six composers it represents. This is music not to be taken lightly, but to be understood as the sounds of revelatory ancestral voices. The guitar is the orator, also the oracle.


Zoran Dukić is one of the most prominent guitarists of the new generation. He was born in 1969 in Zagreb, Croatia where he started to play the guitar at the age of six. He graduated from the Music Academy of Zagreb with Darko Petrinjak and completed his studies with Hubert Käppel at the Hochschule für Music in Cologne, Germany.




Fantasia-Sonata Joan Manén - Fantasia-Sonata Joan Manén
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